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By Mark Bell | June 3, 2008

Top 50 Online Innovators Named!
Source: The Hollywood Reporter

The Hollywood Reporter has taken it upon themselves to name the top 50 innovators of the digital / online era and… Film Threat isn’t on the list! We innovate… stuff! F**k you, Teh Hollywood-up-my-a*s Reporter-er-er! And yes, I DO feel childish, thank you!

My favorite name on the list? How about “40. Michael Jackson: President of Programming, IAC”? Now, I know that it’s not THE Michael Jackson, but I couldn’t help but think of poor Michael Bolton’s predicament in “Office Space.” In this case, I think Michael Jackson has more to complain about his name-sharer than Bolton did…

Are male critics more likely to pan “Sex and the City,” and should they have not reviewed it at all?

Saying male critics shouldn’t review this film under the possibility that they will pan it is akin to saying that people with brains shouldn’t review “Norbit.” While it gives those of us with brains a break from s**t films, it doesn’t do much for those who genuinely want to know what we, as critics, think.

Do I think “Sex and the City” got an unfair shake from male critics? No, I don’t. I think the film, which was considered a mediocre affair by all but the biggest lovers, found itself floating in the middle of critical concensus world with male and female reviewers, period. The first negative review I read of the film was from a female critic friend, and it lined up with pretty much exactly how I felt about the franchise (which had nothing to do with the male-female dynamic, but the sheer shallowness of it all). And others echo’ed that sentiment, male and female. The ones who seem to have the most problem with anyone reviewing the film are the ones who loved it, to which I can only say “just because I, or someone else, didn’t like it, doesn’t mean you can’t like it. It also doesn’t mean you have to hate us, or call us sexist or s**t in our beds because we don’t share the same opinion. That’s life… unless we’re talking about ‘Norbit,’ in which case I hope your lobotomy is working out…”

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  1. Joshua says:

    I like yto think of SATC: The Movie as a microcosm of the Primarys-SATC is Hilary and the evil Male critics are the sexist pricks who hate Hilary. Bullshit in both cases.

    I still wait (Probably in vain) for the release of an actually worthwhile HBO series/movie to theaters, but I just like the posibility of an actual DISCUSSION in the media being provoked by HBO (besides that polygamy bullshit about Big Love).

    You’re smart people/reviewers at Filmthreat-could someone tell me please why people buy into such bullshit?

  2. Felix Vasquez Jr. says:

    I admit that I don’t plan to see this because I simply don’t like the show at all.

    However, saying men shouldn’t review this because they’ll instantly pan it is pretty untrue. I think those who don’t want to watch it are staying away.

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