By Mark Bell | December 6, 2012

Dave (Aaron Jack Rudelson) is having a bit of a crisis, and he seeks help from his best friend Scott (Robert Guerra). Turns out Dave is being plagued by the odd condition whereupon one vomits up food… whole and ready to serve. At first, Scott is dubious about Dave’s cries for help, as Dave explains his problem but always seems to have destroyed or removed the food, but one night Scott witnesses firsthand just how bad things have gotten for Dave.

Aaron Jack Rudelson’s Foodie is a short film that not only brings up the laughs but also exercises the gag reflex. While we’re not actually seeing someone spew vomit all over the place, just the idea of someone regurgitating meals, whether they are fresh and ready to eat or not, is enough to turn me off my own food. But, you know, in a good way… because I got a laugh out of it.

The film has a pretty solid pace to it, though I did find the beginning to be a little bit slow at first. Once Dave’s symptoms start showing up onscreen, however, the film’s pace really picks up and whatever lag I may’ve felt in the narrative disappears entirely. From that point on, it’s about the laughs and the eventual explanation of what’s really going on with Dave (which is great unto itself).

In the end, as a short film with a dark sense of humor, Foodie succeeds all around. It made me laugh, made me feel more than a little grossed out and kept me entertained throughout.

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