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By Amy Scott | October 14, 2003

There’s nothing like B-Horror. Audiences are so forgiving as long as you show some gore. Bad dialog, bad lighting, whatever… that guy got his head cut off!
“Flesh Eaters” is a remake of the classic b-horror film uh, “Flesh Eaters.” True to the genre, true to the film, we follow two women and their boat captain for hire on a harrowing adventure against a Nazi environmental project gone wrong and the evil German scientist who is it’s father. Drugs, slugs and crazy flesh eating bugs.
Visually it was very good, clean editing (eh, a few jumps), a wonderful example of making due with what you have. So much so, I had to get up a few times because it was so claustrophobic. Hats off to the director for having sense enough to pull it tight when budgets make a necessity out of skimping on backdrops… but sometimes you gotta bite the bullet and show us a telephone pole or whatever. Either that or pass out dramamine. The dialog was great, so classically inane it ads to the surreal. But, I don’t often have the need to say this.. the cursing was really unnatural and weird, and… frankly unnecessary. The attempt to “modernize² the story (the original was from Å’64) was not played as well as the classic stuff. While it was necessary, granted, it didn’t blend. What makes a film like that so funny, is how seriously everything is played out, if you throw one or two goof ball things in you lose the timing.
The special effects were over the top. Some of the surprises were really innovative and will have even the most jaded of horror watchers impressed. Really, a great show, a constant flowing drip so that you weren’t bored out of your mind story wise.
The great rule of B films, push it as long as you can then show ’em a boob or something oozing before they fall asleep. The filmmakers of “Flesh Eaters” happily know that rule well.

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