By Admin | January 23, 2003

Jesus, I’m still laughing. This is absolutely one of the funniest shorts I’ve ever seen. And if every single shot doesn’t have you giggling your a*s off, then you’ll be in awe at the gorgeous production design.
I’d hate to describe this whole film and blow it for all of you. This is just something you’re gonna have to see for yourself. But basically, we have a spaced out couple, on what seems like a first date, sitting on a couch and talking to each other with recorded dialogue they play from little tape players they hold in their laps. And this isn’t really your run-of-the-mill getting to know ya type of small talk…unless you’ve been blowing on Satan’s glass trumpet. Staring contests, juggling and poor digestion are all spoken of and then tossed aside for the next absurdity. Oh yeah, there’s a musical number, too.
Bizarre, unpredictable, impeccably shot and drop dead funny, this is the kinda film that’s prime for jumpstarting any dull film festival. This is what David Lynch and Monty Python would have come up with if they had ever combined forces.

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