By Doug Brunell | February 15, 2006

This movie has a good premise. Perpetual college student Mitch
(Randall Sims) sets out on a road trip to find Jack Kerouac after reading “On the Road” and deciding that the life of a beatnik is for him. His friend Dwight (Christopher Lapish) and the girl he adores from afar, Lisa (Noelle Manuel), tag along. The possibilities for an interesting movie are endless, but “Finding Jack Kerouac” doesn’t discover a single one of them.

Bad acting and dialogue that sounds as poor as it is delivered ruin
any kind of enjoyment one would get from the story. These are the most idiotic, unbelievable college kids ever (no young twentysomething female has ever uttered the word “philanderer” when describing her cheating boyfriend, and Mitch doesn’t even know Kerouac is dead), and the idea that this book changes Mitch’s
life instantly never rings true. The characters are irritating to say the least, and one has to wonder what prompted writer/director Jeff Lyon to even attempt this film. It’s almost like he’s never been on a real road trip or actually listened to people speak.

Of all the road trip films out there, and there are thousands, this
is probably one of the last ones you should watch.

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