Coming at you strong with another line-up of quality independent films, Film Threat DVD announces the August 9th, 2005 release of John Krawlzik’s “Ascension,” Stephen Statler’s “The Breathing Show” and our very own Chris Gore’s cult classic “Red.” Each title retails for $18.99 and can be found at the Film Threat Shop, Netflix or quality retailers in a town near you.


“…a different kind of sci-fi movie… a brilliant marriage between production design and cinematography.” – Guerilla Filmmaker Magazine

The year is 2057 – special agent Hayes (Paul Nolan) is sent to investigate a mysterious suicide at a remote scientific base on Titan, the largets moon of Saturn. Trapped by a raging storm, he uncovers the deep and deadly secrets of this distant moon.

The DVD’s special features include: Full enhanced director’s cut, Director, production designer and actor commentary, Behind the scenes “home movies,” Production photo diary with commentary and Deleted and alternate scenes.

The Breathing Show

“…an admirable and original work.” – Tom Luddy, Telluride Film Festival

Peter loves Katherine. Katherine loves Hubert. Hubert loves nothing but his incomprehensible art.

When Peter recommends lacing ATM envelopes with LSD for their next “Public Abscess” cable television show, Hubert lets things go from bad to worse in this darkly comic amorality tale of three friends who can’t decide how – or even if – they want to be adults.

The special edition DVD includes: Audio Commentary, Improv Party, Origins of Gibberish, Interview with the Director, Movie Trailer and Four Original Comedy Shorts by director Stephen Statler. The film has a running time of 84 minutes.


“Ballsy, audacious, memorable fun comedy…” – Joe Bob Briggs

Long before Bart Simpson started harassing Moe the Bartender, a phone prankster in New Jersey was badgering the owner of the Tube Bar and making a tape of every word that was said. The tapes were passed from person to person, copied and re-copied and eventually made it into the hands of Chris Gore, editor of Film Threat. This now legendary comedy stars tough guy Lawrence Tierney (from Quentin Tarantino’s Reservoir Dogs) as Red, the beleaguered booze jockey at the Tube Bar. Tortured beyond human endurance by such telephonic classics as “Is Stu there? Stu Pip?” and “Is Al there? Last name Koholic?” Red quickly falls prey to fantasies involving shotguns, baseball bats and severe bodily injury.

This cult classic comes to DVD with over 300 minutes of extra features sure to make this disc a party favorite, including: Three Commentaries, “Unhappy Hour: The Shooting of Red” Behind-the-Scenes Doc, The Cult of Red, Tribute to Lawrence Tierney, Bonus short “Ouch!”, Closed captioning in 10 languages including English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian, Portugese, Dutch, Chinese and Japanese, Trailers and loads more!

Film Threat DVD will continue to release truly independent films over the course of 2005. Upcoming Film Threat DVD titles include “First Aid for Choking,” “Moving,” “The Life and Times of MC Beer Bong,” “Three Barbecues” and “Daydream Believer.” You can read all about the current and upcoming releases, as well as purchase copies, over at the Film Threat Shop.

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