By Chris Gore | September 12, 2007

Hey Gang,

Sure, most of you know me as Chris, but I’m often referred to by friends as “TV’s Chris Gore.” It’s the cute name they use to mock me in public, which I’m cool with. But my various “job” responsibilities range from my column on Suicide Girls to my latest book to the publisher of Film Threat.

But it’s about time that other Film Threat folks get in front of the camera for some face time, including editor-in-chief Mark Bell and writer Eric Campos. Eric was seen recently on Reelz Channel discussing 3:10 to Yuma and Mark has been on G4TV’s Attack of the Show on the Loop discussing celebrity web sites and another Loop segment discussing the Week in Review.

So, now I can finally refer to my Film Threat pals as TV’s Mark Bell and TV’s Eric Campos. Make sure when you run into these guys that you do the same. It’s the least I can do to repay their years of mocking my ugly mug on the boob tube.

Gore gone!

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  1. Ellen M. says:

    Kudos to Mr. Campos & Mr. Bell… We were getting sick of seeing Gore everywhere anyway (heh)!

    Just remember… I’m “TV’s Film Threat Hot Mamma” & I’m working on plans for the Film Threat baby to eventually make her media debut, so stay tuned!…

  2. Michael Barton says:

    Glad to see that the Film Threat crew is getting more air time. It really urks me that every tuesday I look forward to seeing you, Chris, give your dvd reviews and opinions on films only to be chased off within a matter of two minutes. You deserve way more time than you’re allotted. I’m just saying what most viewers are thinking.

  3. Jeremy Knox says:

    Mike, you’ll always be “TV’s Mike Ferraro” to me.

    Pictures of women in Afghanistan eh Phil? You sure he didn’t just toss some blue drapes over a bunch of lamps? Some artists can be tricky. The tricky bastards.

  4. Phil Hall says:

    I did TV back in 2005 — a PBS show in Connecticut — when I was promoting “The Encyclopedia of Underground Movies.” I was one of two guests — the other was a photographer who had an art gallery exhibit with pictures of women in Afghanistan. Not to be immodest, but I think my segment was more interesting.

  5. Sadly, no. Gore passed an invitation to speak on a critic’s panel at the 25th Annual Atlantic Film Festival a year or two ago. We spoke about Lars Von Trier for a few hours and it was taped for television. I actually saw it air as I was packing my bags to leave.

    I asked the festival people for a copy of it after the festival ended. Never got one.

  6. Mark Bell says:

    Hmmm… so I guess you think you’ve rendered the “TV’s Chris Gore” jab ineffective? Well, my friend, this just means we’ll all have to come up with new nicknames and modifiers for your name that, you know, may be WORSE…

    And Mike, Canada DOES count. Do you have a copy of your appearance?

  7. I was on television once for Film Threat. Sadly, it only aired in Canada (Nova Scotia to be exact). This was back in 2005.

    I guess I can’t be TV’s Michael Ferraro. Just another one of life’s disappointments.

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