How can so much pleasure bring so much pain…sweet, sweet pain? Yes, another Sundance has come to pass and the Film Threat team has left the snowy indie film battlefield of Park City to go home, crawl into a ball and lick our wounds. And we’ve done so victoriously. In the past ten days, Eric Campos, Jeremy Mathews, Pete Vonder Haar, Daniel Wible, Bob Westal, Peter Hanson and Rory L. Aronsky have brought you a complete look at what lies ahead for this year’s indie theatrical releases coming straight out of Park City, as well as what will be popping up at festivals all over the world. It was a tough job, but we did it for you, our loyal readers.

Okay…so we’re big movie nerds too and couldn’t help seeing more movies than the average human being would be able to stand in a ten day period.

So if you feel like you missed any part of our movie review coverage, kick back, relax and read on. What follows is our 2005 Sundance Film Festival wrap-up. Make sure you check back throughout the week, though, we’re still finishing up reviews. You wouldn’t want to miss any of this.

Get the Premieres in part two of FILM THREAT’S SUNDANCE 2005 WRAP-UP>>>

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