July continues…

“The Dark Knight”
Besides Indiana Jones, this is the movie I’m most looking forward to this Summer. The tragic death of Heath Ledger has put a cloud on this production, but everything we’ve seen from his performance has this movie looking aces.

“Space Chimps”
Monkeys. In space. Written by Monkeys. In a room with a typewriter.

“American Teen”
Don’t you forget about this documentary, a gem of the festival circuit that is being promoted as just like “The Breakfast Club,” but for real.

“Step Brothers”
Will Ferrell. John C. Reilly. Comedy gold? You’ve got to wonder how long it takes before this mine runs dry. Seemed like, with “Walk Hard” and “Semi-Pro,” that pickings were getting a bit slim already.

“The X-Files 2”
The sequel no one asked for that is too late anyway. I didn’t dig the last feature film anymore than I dug “X-Files: The Terminator Years” so… why should I care again?

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