The preview continues as we finish off the month of May!


Shrek the Third

Can the addition of Amys Poehler and Sidaris distract us from Jeffrey Katzenberg’s tiresome anti-Disney gags? Will anyone take umbrage at Mike Myers’ lazy performance as the title character? More importantly, will Donkey follow in his real-life counterpart’s actions, cheating on the dragon and fathering little a***s out of wedlock? Stay tuned.


To quote the Film Threat review: “’Severance’ is how ‘Office Space’ would’ve turned out had Michael Bolton and Samir not been able to take their frustrations out on the office printer.” The Europeans and Asians are doing something we Americans haven’t pulled off in years: they’re making horror with a sense of humor that isn’t annoyingly self-referential, and – wait for it – is actually pretty scary.


This movie sounds eerily like one of director Roland Joffé’s earlier efforts: “The Killing Fields,” except instead of the compelling presences of Sam Waterston and Haing S. Ngor you have the vacuous mouth-breathing of Elisha Cuthbert. And instead of a sobering story about the Khmer Rouge takeover of Cambodia, you gave yet another derivative bondage horror movie that was forced to rely on a dubious “scandal” involving movie posters to drum up interest.

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End

The third (and allegedly final) chapter in the saga of Will “Gay Moustache” Turner and Elizabeth “A-Cup” Swann team up with Captain Barbossa to see of they can…ah, forget it. Like the first two, this one will be an hour too long and feature a slew of repetitive action sequences, and it’ll still gross more than the GNP of the entire continent of Africa.

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