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By Admin | November 13, 2007

At first, the players running and chanting in the Arclight courtyard seemed like the USC JV squad gone awry, but then it was pointed out that they were supporting the Centerpiece screening of “Juno” and all made sense… kind of…

Celebrities routinely walked up and down the press lines at AFI Festival, and we saw many luminaries… okay, so we saw Jeff “The Dude” Dowd which, while not being Tom Cruise, is wildly more interesting to us.

Of course, film festivals are for films, and we spent the majority of the time in the theater seeing flicks, like the documentary “Steep,” which was represented in a Q&A by skiers Ingrid Backstrom and Andrew McLean alongside director Mark Obenhaus.

Some directors move so fast they’re hard to catch with conventional photography, such as “Heckler” filmmaker (and fat joke aficionado) Michael Addis.

Before movies, between movies and after movies, the masses made the trip to the 7th floor of the Arclight parking structure where AFI and Audi had set up a sprawling village of tents and lounges.

It was not uncommon to see Superman from “Confessions of a Superhero” holding court in the Cinema Lounge.

What is this large crowd awkwardly staring at?

They’re staring at a brilliant live musical performance by the Greasy Beats in the rooftop Loft.

Star of “Body of War,” Tomas Young, gets assaulted by photographers at the premiere party for the film.

Directors Ellen Spiro and Phil Donahue deep in discussion after their premiere screening of “Body of War” at the festival.

A pretend hero exchanges business cards with a real hero.

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