By Evan Erwin | December 8, 2001

Well, for better or worse, that was the year in DVD. While I’ve certainly had fun reminiscing in the joys and letdowns of the past year, the upcoming one is certainly going to be better than the last.
Let’s take a quick look on what’s coming up on the horizon.
First and foremost, Universal has again waved the Back to the Future Collection carrot in our faces. Now they say it will be summer 2002 when the box set appears. Well, I’m afraid Universal isn’t too good with their word regarding BTTF, so I’ll believe it when I see it.
The Beverly Hills Cop Trilogy is set to be released on 1/29/02, with commentary and anamorphic widescreen presentations. No big bonus features, this will probably go unnoticed to everyone but fans of the flicks.
Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back is set for a 2/12/02 release; expect the usual View Askew big a*s special edition.
Ridley Scott’s Legend Collector’s Edition is set to finally be released sometime next year, and inquiries on the matter tell that the delay is because “New special features are being added.”
Since E.T. is getting a nice fat re-release (with guns being replaced with walkie-talkies-what the f**k?) on March 22, expect a full-blown special edition DVD release in fall 2002. The set will probably have 2 discs, and most likely incorporate all of the special features the Special Edition Laserdisc Box Set contained, as well as both cuts of the movie, the new version and the original.
For those interested, Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season One is finally set to release next year. Region 2 is now on their fourth season box set, juxtaposing the usual Region-1-gets-it-first syndrome.
Other big ifs for 2002 include the possibility of an Indiana Jones Box Set that would undoubtedly sell like hotcakes. Also in one of those It-Might-Happen-But-Probably-Not is Grease, a flick that has been left to rot in litigation hell.
Speaking of litigation and hell, Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me is having DVD release problems, with New Line trying desperately to include the deleted scenes on the disc. Matter of fact, they said they would not release it until those were included, something I respect them for. Since I’ve never seen the film I’m not that excited about it, but those who are truly froth at the mouth with the possibility of the new 5.1 soundtrack that’s already been completed, up to 20 deleted scenes, and possible commentary by Lynch himself.
And finally… ^ As for all those other releases we’ve clamored for, and all those we already have, I’m extremely grateful that DVD has blossomed into the home video giant is today. Widescreen TVs are selling faster and faster with prices going down, and DVD seems to just be on the incline. As for the future of DVD, what I would expect is a lot more special editions and re-releases with two-disc (and possibly heading the way of 3-disc) special editions with more and more stuff on em. Sometimes too much of a good thing is bad, but on DVD, the more the better!
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