By Chris Gore | January 26, 1998

[ UP: ] The new crop of documentaries like “Goreville, USA.”
[ DOWN: ] Nick Broomfield and the badly organized “Kurt and Courtney” screening. 20 films … 20 different crews. Lessons from Miss Manners may help. Two words: People skills.
[ UP: ] Eddie Daniels (star of Slamdance favorite “Central Standard Time”). Is there a downside when it comes to sexy, new actresses? Cool silver pants, dig the hair, love the shoes, call us when you’re in LA.
[ DOWN: ] Films that promise nudity and don’t deliver. This might be the most heinous of all movie-related crimes. Did we metion how much we liked Eddie Daniels?
[ UP: ] Gay films. They were aplenty at both festivals and in a wide variety of genres. Hurray!
[ DOWN: ] Heterosexual journalists who complained that Gay films left them limp.
[ UP: ] Sexy publicist Linda Brown at Indie PR, who every publicist should emulate to the letter. She really makes us want to … uh … promote her films.
[ DOWN: ] Bumble Ward who left several journalists out in the cold, but not before admitting pseudo-celebrities like Spike Jonze and Sofia Coppola to the “Kurt and Courtney” screening. Bumble, you’re still not mad about the Quentin expose, are you?
[ UP: ] Extremely inventive short films such as: Eric Kripke’s “Truly Committed”, David Blood’s “Headless at the Fair” and, one of our personal faves, Tony Nittoli’s “Junky.”
[ DOWN: ] Short films longer than 10 minutes. One simple fact: We have never seen a short film that is too short. NOTE: Every short film previously mentioned was 10 minutes or less.
[ UP: ] Daniel Harris director of “Bible and Gun Club” who received three Independent Spirit Awards nominations and finally got a much-deserved distribution deal. Note to agents and acquisitions people: learn to use a VCR, then actually watch the films.
[ DOWN: ] The hang-overs from all of the free booze at those great parties.
[ UP: ] Slamdance. For avoiding politics and truly creating a festival by filmmakers for filmmakers. (WARNING: Now that everyone is taking you seriously, don’t let it get to your head.)
[ DOWN: ] Sundance. For rejecting films like: “20 Dates”, “Surrender Dorothy” and the best film in all of Park City, “Six String Samurai”.
[ UP AND DOWN: ] While net journalists are getting lots of press, the sad thing is they all seem to still live at home with their parents. The irony!

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