We’re looking to you, gentle reader, to help us come up with a kick-a*s theme song for our Film Threat podcast. During the recording of Episode Three of the ‘cast, it became clear that having some sort of opening music would rock so much harder than just Don and I jabbering away. We both know that there are tons of musically talented readers out there, so we’re looking to you: please write us a theme song.

If you’re keen on the idea, send us an email through our Contact Form, and select “FT Podcast Theme Song” as what you’d like to leave feedback on. In that email, include a link to an mp3 of the theme song you came up with, or a link to a YouTube video of you performing the theme song. We’ll collect all the suggestions, and then we’ll share the choices with the rest of the audience in a future post, and we’ll decide on what song will be the new Film Threat Podcast Theme Song!

Any musical style will do; the more random, the better. Can’t wait to hear what you come up with!

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