It took 19 episodes, but the Film Threat Podcast finally has a theme song, thanks to Skizz Cyzyk and The Go Pills! Don and Mark discuss all things paranormal thanks to “Hereafter,” “Paranormal Activity 2” and the numerous paranormal-themed TV shows out there before conversation turns to Cary Elwes… is he really a good actor, or are our fond memories of “The Princess Bride” clouding our judgment?

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  1. Mark Bell says:

    Glad you dug it, Chris.

    I guess the security cameras niche could be used on a films set at a government base too. Have family videotape adventures prior to base, mix with video and security camera footage while at base, end like “Cloverfield.”

  2. Liked the podcast this week, I think the guy who did “Paranormal Activity” is doing a new film set with a family who gets stuck near an area 51 like government base. Might just be a rumor but who knows, if it’s like P.A. then it could be good. Still need to see Paranormal Activity 2.

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