Mark and Don discuss their busy weekend of movie-watching (including their thoughts on “How to Train Your Dragon,” “Hot Tub Time Machine,” “Greenberg” and “Chloe”), realize that the podcast needs a theme song, contemplate Ben Stiller’s uncanny ability to assume any physical form he wishes for any role he chooses and Don makes the sad admission that he thinks “Oldboy” is seriously overrated…

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  1. Mikel_OD says:

    A weird coincidence that I was thinking about the FT mag the other day and googled the website to this great stuff going on. Please keep up the podcasting it’s a great extension to the website. Stick with it guys and things will happen – again.

    btw, Old Boy was great – and I hope the US version never gets made.

  2. silvercruz says:

    Honestly, I really love the podcasts, the conversations about jeans are always interesting. Who knew men worried about finding the perfect pair of jeans? I though it was just a girl thing.

    Oh Don, I am Mexican, so there is no point in flashing fake Asian cred. I love both Oldboy and The Host and many other Asian films like The Suicide Club. You do bring a good point, some times is hard to understand foreign films. Still, for the most part I concentrate on what they are trying to say in general. I haven’t seen the Host for while but as far as I remember, the father became a useless loser after losing his wife. He was not a good father which made him even less capable of protecting his child when the monster appeared. In a symbolic way, she died because of his inability. So, the wires in his head ignited again with her dead. Yes, she died but a homeless child and he himself are alive and must survive. So in the end, he must become assertive and a good father to protect what he still has left.

    Again, this is in no way, trying to put you down, ’cause you and your jeans are the real deal. I just don’t have any friend to talk about Asian cinema. Take Care.

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