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By Film Threat Staff | July 16, 2003

We’ll be heading out to the San Diego Comic-Con once again (July 17-20) where we’ll have a booth to sling some of our DVDs. Chris Gore will also be moderating the following panels:
THURSDAY, JULY 17 ^ INDIE FILMMAKERS HOW-TO GUIDE FOR DVD, 5:30-7pm, Room 2 (video/dvd) ^ DVD may well save underground and independent filmmakers. In this informative panel, you’ll learn the secrets to releasing your independent film on DVD and getting it out into the marketplace for sale. From DVD authoring details, to financial realities to distribution tips, this indie filmmaking seminar will answer all your DVD-related questions. Moderated by’s Chris Gore. Panelists include independent filmmakers from the world of DVD.
FRIDAY, JULY 18 ^ MOVIE WEBMASTERS UNLOADED, 5;30-7pm, Room 2 (video/dvd) ^ Join us for heated discussions with the world’s most outspoken movie maniacs of the web! This year’s panel promises to dwarf all others as we discuss film franchises like LOTR, Star Wars, The Matrix Trilogy and the future of entertainment coverage online. Moderated by’s Chris Gore. Panelists include: ^ Garth Franklin, Dark Horizons ^ Nick Nunziata, Chud ^ Chris Ryall, ^ Eric Campos (yours truly) ^ Thom Fowler, ^ among other webmasters.
SATURDAY, JULY 19 ^ CCI-IFF MEET THE FILMMAKERS, 5:30-7pm, Room 4 (video/dvd) ^ Making an independent movie takes tremendous dedication and drive. From concept to screen, the average indie film takes seven years to complete. Discover the most common mistakes made by filmmakers and how to avoid those pitfalls. You’ll learn what they don’t tell you in film school. From screenwriting, financing, producing and promoting, the filmmakers on our panel will tell-it-like-it-is. Meet the filmmakers selected to screen their films at this year’s Comic Con International Independent Film Festival. Hold onto your popcorn for a wild discussion of the world of independent film. Plus stay seated for the presentation of the CCI-IFF MVP awards for 2003. Moderated by’s Chris Gore. ^ Filmmakers include: ^ Augusta, “Velvet Hammer” ^ Jeff Cioletti, “Unwound” ^ Sandy Collura and Simon Tams, “Batman: Dead End” ^ Steven Austin (who will show a sneak peek of his Willis O’Brien doc + “Moment of Silence”) ^ Jon Schnepp, “Brainwarp” ^ Phil Zlotorynski, Walkentalk

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