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By Admin | February 1, 1997

As promised, once we raised our first $1K in our crowdfunding bid to return Film Threat to print, I’d start making with the gifts. I also said I’d release the entire back catalog of Film Threat’s previous print editions online for digital enjoyment, and it begins here. For every $1K we raise, another back issue goes online, and we’re working from the end of the original run all the way to the ‘zine origins. What does that mean? Here’s the last issue printed of Film Threat Magazine, originally published in February 1997…

If you’re reading on your mobile device, and the magazine doesn’t appear, click this link.

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  1. Guille says:

    Thanks to this issue I discovered a great magazine.

  2. TheDia says:

    Thanks a lot for those back-issues. It was always hard to get FilmThreat over here in germany so my collection is far from complete and now finally I can fill the holes.
    If everything works out jobwise for me in the next few months I even can help raise the money for the re-boot to give something back to you.

  3. Matt Sorrento says:

    In ’97, Film Threat was featuring two unknowns named John Hillcoat and Justin Lin. More proof that FT is the porthole into the future of movies.

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