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By Film Threat Staff | March 27, 2002

Established in 1986, the Political Film Society (PFS) is the largest international award-granting film society (with the exception of the voting membership for the Academy Awards), with a roster of many academic professionals.
The PFS has announced their 2001 line-up of the best political films, as voted by the Society’s members, in its annual effort to honor movies that “raise political consciousness.” Whether or not Jim Carrey making “aw, shucks” moon eyes at the camera for 2 hours is your idea of political or not, the Society has selected the directors of the following films for their prestigious Stanley Award:
Democracy: “The Majestic,” directed by Frank Darabont
Exposé: “Uprising,” directed by Jon Avnet
Human Rights: “Focus,” directed by Neal Slavin
Peace: “Lumumba,” directed by Raoul Peck
The Political Film Society’s official site houses membership information and nominees for the 2002 Stanley Awards.
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