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By Chris Gore | October 24, 2001

So what’s Stern really like? ^ Sweet caring man, one of my good friends… I owe a lot to him.
Okay, it’s no secret that you are worshipped on Comedy Central’s “The Man Show.” Give us the scoop on Jimmy Kimmel. ^ Jimmy is so cute! He is shy and sweet, but you know a pervert lurkes under there! I know I have another episode coming out… I’m doing naked twister!
You’ve made numerous television appearances on shows like Roseanne and Nash Bridges. So, how did they treat you when you did your scenes and what did you do? ^ Everyone has welcomed me with open arms… Especially Roseanne, she was the coolest. She was genuinely intrigued by what I do, and told me how much she respected me. Don Johnson, and Cheech were SO COOL! I think everyone on the Nash Bridges set were surprised at my acting abilities. They told me they were impressed which meant a lot to me.
I’m told that if a male porn star eats a lot of celery it has an impact on how he, um, “tastes.” Is this true, and are there other “inside secrets of adult films” that you could share with us? ^ (Mum’s the word.)
Jenna, you’re an award-winning adult film actress, what award would you say you are most proud of? ^ Well, I would have to say my numerous acting awards… of course. I also am pretty proud of being voted FHM’s #31 sexiest girl in the world.
What have you done in a film that you are the least proud of? ^ Being pressured to get my breasts done.
You are an adult actress very much in control of your image and career and have made intelligent choices about money management, etc… For other adult film stars, it’s not so easy. If I were to enter a career in porn, what no bullshit advice would you give me? ^ Don’t do it! Hahahahahaha… No, I would have to say, go in and give it your all, don’t use drugs. Save your money and be the best!
What dream would you like to achieve that you haven’t already? ^ And the Academy Award goes to… JENNA JAMESON!
Hey, it could happen! Sylvester Stallone did an adult film early in his career and he was nominated for an Oscar for “Rocky.” So, do you want to direct? ^ I already direct a lot of the films I make for It is a lot of fun seeing things from the other side of the camera.
Okay, here are some quick questions: ^ Any favorite indie films? ^ Requiem For a Dream.
What actors are you dying to work with? ^ Charlize Theron and Al Pacino.
Aisle or window? ^ Aisle, gotta hit the bathroom too often…
Landing strip or bare? ^ Piece of pie.
And, uh, what does it really take to turn you on? ^ Arrogance, and sense of humor… doesn’t hurt to be great in bed.
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