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By Chris Gore | October 24, 2001

So how exactly does one go from a career in adult films into a career in so-called “legit movies”? ^ Well, I had it pretty easy, because casting agents came to me. I mean, I don’t even have an agent.
How is acting in an adult film different than acting in a Hollywood movie? ^ It is much more stress, we have a very small amount of time to do all the dialogue and sex, usually only a couple of days… With a mainstream movie there is a huge amount of allotted time to get the shots right. You can do take after take, to make your lines come across correctly… Not in adult… You get two takes if you’re lucky.
Okay, now for a tough question, which do you prefer — appearing in adult films or working on the so-called legit movies? ^ I prefer legit… Only because it is so new to me… Plus, there is nothing like seeing yourself on the big screen
You seem so natural on screen and have a real presence. Tell us the secret of good acting, whether in porn or Hollywood films? ^ I think it is important to pull from the experiences in your own life. Figure out what you have in common with the character you are playing, and just let it flow.
Why do you think that you’ve been so easily accepted into mainstream films? Is appearing in porn really a stigma anymore? ^ If anything, it seems to be a calling card. I think that the general public is starting to open up sexually. It isn’t so taboo anymore to appear in adult films. Hell, everyone watches them. Plus, it is so fascinating to see an adult star try her hand at mainstream, people as a whole like to see others succeed.
What do you think of mainstream Hollywood’s appropriation of pornographic themes? It seems everytime you turn around there’s some new adult film “documentary” like Sex: The Annabel Chong Story or The Girl Next Door or movies like Eyes Wide Shut or “Boogie Nights” seem to break through. Is there more acceptance now? ^ It is something that interests people, sex in America has been so repressed… I think it is time for people to embrace their sexuality, not the violence that has been so prevelant in movies over the last years.
You were one of the hosts of the E! Channel’s Wild On show, but I can’t imagine anything on that show being more wild than your real life. Or is it? C’mon, give us the scoop — how “wild” is Wild On? ^ It was one of the best times of my life… hel I was being paid to party! And, yes, it was one hell of a party. One of my best friends Is Brooke Burke, who hosts the show now… We talk about it all the time, how great that job is…
You’re a frequent guest on the Howard Stern show and even appeared full-frontal nude in his movie “Private Parts.” Tell us about shooting your infamous scene which takes place, strangely enough, at the film’s climax. ^ It was a fun scene… Howard kept wanting to do retakes, (go figure) We had the best time, I just skipped around the set nude, and the PA’s kept wanting to give me a robe, I think they were more uncomfortable than I was!
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