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By Felix Vasquez Jr. | July 12, 2007

  1. The new finding is that Wolfmother’s “Woman” is playing in the background. The group has a song named “Joker and the Thief” that has a line about “Field of Clovers,” and has art on the inside of a giant lizard/iguana. Seems like potential clues, and is lending some credence to the Godzilla re-invention theory. Also, “˜Wolfmother’. “The latin origin “Madrevius di lupovius” means, “children born of the beast will steal the shadow of the forest and chase the stars from the night.”
  2. Many continue to theorize that this is a tie-in to “Lost,” since “Lost” premieres a few weeks after the alleged premiere date. No one is still sure if 1-18-08 is the actual premiere date just yet, and if it happens to be a teaser for “Lost,” then I have another reason to watch this series. But then perhaps it’s just apart of the universe.
  3. Another variation on the line the character screams: “I saw it in the light, it’s huge!” along with “It’s a Lion! It’s huge,” and “It’s Alive! It’s Huge!” Whatever it is, it’s huge.
  4. Red Herring, clue, one of the hidden sites, or a fan site cashing in? You decide.
  5. The mystery ingredient that was harvest from the bottom of the sea is used on the slusho, and releases giant parasitic monsters that destroy New York? Possible…
  6. AKM can be spotted in the apartment in the trailer.
  7. 63 degrees is also shown during the News 1 broadcast. Clue?

Inform me if I’m missing something.

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  1. David Ortiz says:

    Surely it’s too obvious but the “miss the hell out of you” comment on the back of the latest pic is interesting. Do you think the “use this picture” sentence is a bit odd in so much as it seems more clue-y than how someone would actually write?

  2. Saraizaz says:

    ok so the link is ?? and everything is posted by 1:18 oh copied this from that link:

    Posted by 1:18
    In Wrath
    11Jul 07

    The Wrath of God is shown in Romans 1:18 as well as in other Religions.

    The exact Bible verse of Romans 1:18 reads as follows:

    For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who suppress the truth in unrighteousness

    The end result is always the same, it always ends in 6

    so if this is a clue to the movie, and people in the trailer are screaming it’s a lion, and this is just my opinion in revelations it talks about a beast coming out of the sea( new testament, revelations ch 13) maybe it’s about the end times?

  3. David Ortiz says:

    Re the 63 degress on NY1 bulletin. Maybe 6 x 3 ie 666

  4. Felix Vasquez Jr. says:

    Seems like a coincidence somehow. I wonder, though.

  5. jonathan says:

    oh yeah, and that was linked from

  6. Felix Vasquez Jr. says:

    No problem.

    I’ll admit I have NO idea who Wolfmother is, so you’re helping me, not knocking me.

  7. Zack Haddad says:

    dude, hate to bust on your number one on this one but the song is actually a remix of “Woman” by “Wolfmother”. Not that big of a deal but just thought I would help out.

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