By Admin | April 17, 2002

It’s unfortunate that short films based around a certain product always need to suck. It’s unfortunate because at some point somebody’s gotta sit through them and this time that somebody was me and that really chaps my a*s.
Made for Skyy Vodka, this little film noir piece is impeccably shot, but it doesn’t say a whole lot, nor is it entertaining. A detective questions a woman about her missing husband. He drums up the possibility that he may have run off with another woman, but we’re shown what really happened and it’s that the woman had planned with her gay lover to kill the goof. The film ends with the woman leaving the detective to go downstairs and get into a car with her lover.
Where does the Skyy Vodka come in? There’s a bottle sitting out on the balcony of the woman’s apartment. As the detective questions the woman, there’s a photographer taking pictures around the bottle like it’s part of a crime scene.
It’s likely you’ve had to sit through something like this before. Probably in a movie theater when they roll those Coca-Cola film festival entries or whatever. It’s all a bunch of sugar-coated nothing.

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