Here’s a message from Clinton McClung, program director of Boston’s Allston Cinema Underground:
Dear friends and colleagues,
Unfortunately, it is my duty to report the immediate closure of the Allston Cinema Underground. We’ve been giving it a good try since June but unfortunately the overhead of running the cinema has proven to be more than we can bear. Due to rising costs for use of the theatre and the diminishing returns of programs, we have to close the doors on our screen starting October 8th, immediately after the Boston Underground Film Festival.
All films scheduled to open after that time are unfortunately going to be cancelled. We apologize for the inconvenience and will work hard to help these films find screenings at other venues.
The Allston Cinema will remain open as the Allston Bombay Cinema 2, featuring first run Bollywood films on both screens, and the Wednesday night kung-fu series will continue at least through November. That program is organized and presented by Garo Nigoghossian. For information on those screenings please email crashcinema35mm@aol.com.
Thanks for sticking with us. Rest assured there will be more crazy inventive programming elsewhere in town as we work to collaborate with other venues (including the Coolidge Corner Theatre, of course) to find Boston a permanent home for underground, cult, and subversive cinema.
Sincerely, ^ Clinton McClung ^ Program Director, Allston Cinema Underground

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