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By Jeremy Knox | July 8, 2007

Now we’re f*****g talking! I finally stumbled home dead tired at 7am. That’s what the festival experience is all about. No sleep, little food, good beer and awesome company.

Oh, and look who I ran into last night!!! Our very own Mariko! She was there yesterday too, but we missed each other. Unfortunately, she is leaving on the 8th meaning that we won’t get to see any movies together at all, which is a damn shame. I think I speak for all the FT crew when I say that you are missed around these parts my dear.


I also talked to Curt Johnson, the director of “Your Mommy Kills Animals”, one of the documentaries playing here. I haven’t seen it yet, but the man has a fine mind. He’s one of the nicest, most level headed and most intelligent people I have ever met. I enjoyed chatting with him immensely. We kind of bonded over the fact that we both started out liberal and angry, but have since grown totally disillusioned with the left because of it’s complete appropriation of the tactics and closed mindset of the right. So we’re both still angry, but it’s towards the dumbasses of TWO political ideologies now instead of one.

Then there was David Kristian, who’s a sound engineer and composer. He worked on “The Abandoned”, “The 4th Life” and “The Descendant”. We both share a huge love for Goblin and John Carpenter so we spent most of the night picking each other brains about the bands we like. Hell, we even talked about Kiss and I told him the rumour I heard about how Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley occasionally have impersonators stand in for them onstage instead of going themselves. (I have it on good authority that this is 100% legit.) We both laughed at that and came to the conclusion that, while we hate everything KISS stands for, we have to admire the songwriting and musical talent the band has.

Finally, I met Andy Starke, a fine English chap who produced and edited “Hell’s Ground” a Pakistan gore movie. We started out talking about Uwe Boll and debated wether or not he meant to make bad films. I say yes, he’s not sure. We also talked about the importance of tight editing in a film. Go a bit too long, too short, or have any hesitation in a scene and you can ruin a whole movie. Cool guy, I hope to meet him again before he leaves.

On the movie front, I saw “Hatchet” tonight. Great slasher flick. A bit too conventional, and it features creative kills which I’m not a fan of, but the characters and writing are tight as a drum and it was great fun to watch. Adam Green is a fan of the genre and it shows. I think he’s trying a bit too hard, but overall this is a worthy effort.

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  1. Mariko says:

    Hey kids. Thanks for the kind words. I’ve posted a quick explanation regarding my M.I.A. status in the forum.

  2. Mike says:

    Holy s**t! It’s Mariko! How come she vanished? I used to love her column. Den of sin indeed.

    Did you tell her to come back?

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