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By Film Threat Staff | October 31, 2002

Last month, we reported that “House of the Dead” director Uwe Boll planned on using actual “House of the Dead” videogame footage in the movie. At the film’s official website, Boll had this to say about the matter –
Hey guys, ^ I’m Uwe Boll and I read your concerns about using game footage in the movie. Don’t worry I’m not using any game footage to tell the story etc. – but it works well to use the stuff in the beginning credits where an animation girl is dying and saying: YOU MUST STOP CURIEN… ; because this pay’s off in the end of the movie. And in the movie sometimes I use a shot as opticals like: we are in a scene as and then we cut to a Zombie from the game – we zoom into the eye from the Zombie and in the eye is coming up the next scene with the real actors. I think we have a chance here to tell the story unkonventional (remember LOLA RUN) and interesting. ^ And we have so many gory effects (compare to RESIDENT EVIL where you never saw a real gory blood effect) that I think for the rating it’s helpful to have in some parts opticals from the game to show the rating guys: “Hey its only a game!” ^ For me it is tricky because I’m forced to deliver a R-RATING movie. I hope someone is releasing later also the directors cut! ^ Best ^ Uwe
Yikes! Looks like things were way worse than any of us could’ve imagined. But as soon as Uwe posted his intentions, a flood of pissed off emails from “House of the Dead” fans filled Uwe’s mailbox, prompting this next message –
I make my movie “House of the Dead” for the horror and video game fans around the world. In thousands of e-mails they showed me that they don’t want Video Game Animation Scenes in the movie and so I changed now the movie ! The fans can be happy now ! In a DVD version maybe 6
months after the theatrical release I will show my Animation stuff additional !

So there you have it. Who said bitching and moaning on the internet was futile?
Check out the House of the Dead website.

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