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By David Finkelstein | May 19, 2004

This propaganda video uses a very unsubtle collage technique, combining still images with simple graphics to convey it’s point: that African Americans often have a lot of Europeans forebears. The soundtrack consists of Irish songs (often played in a hideous synthesizer arrangement) and occasional voiceovers.

The video points out the fact that black Americans (using mainly famous athletes as examples) often have Irish or Italian or Dutch surnames, not just because the the names came from slave owners, but because they have actual Europeans as ancestors. “Blackness” in America is a concept meant to justify white privilege by stigmatizing people of color, and it is applied to anyone who doesn’t look totally white, regardless of that person’s actual heritage. This observation must already be obvious to anyone who pays any attention at all to our culture. However, the sad fact about America is that it is absolutely stuffed full of people who DON’T pay the slightest attention to anything, which explains why this video has already found some success in “cultural sensitivity training sessions” in several institutions.

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