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By David Finkelstein | January 12, 2004

A rapid collage of images, including a rollercoaster, an airplane, a temptress in dark glasses eating an apple and other foods, the same woman in another guise as a pleading blonde victim, and flowers being stuffed down a kitchen sink drain. The driving techno soundtrack is mixed with screams, a lion roaring, and sirens.

The rapid pace of the montage effectively creates a sensation of vertigo, and, combined with the well-crafted sound score, evokes as well the vertigo of letting go and giving in to temptations of many kinds. My only quarrel with this well-made film is that both the images themselves and the connections implied between them are made up entirely of cliches. This is not a problem in and of itself, since cliches, when examined more deeply or looked at from a fresh point of view, can become archtypes which reveal underlying themes in our culture. However, from my point of view, the Dahls did not manage this and the film remains on the level of the obvious.

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