Monday was a big day for the BIFF. First, I caught a screening of ZoZo, directed by Josef Fares, which details the life of a boy moving from a war-torn Lebanon to Sweden. The day before, I caught screenings for the upcoming Asian horror flick, Ghost of Mae Nak, and the Scottish comedy about a group of actors trying to perform during the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, called Festival.

But Back to Monday… at 6:30pm, there was a screening for the underrated and underappreciated Joel Schumaker film, Falling Down, starring Michael Douglas. Douglas showed up after the film (which was great to see on the big screen finally, as I missed its original run) and did a Q and A, moderated by David Poland, which was utterly brilliant.

After it was over, we all headed back to headquarters where drinks and food and more drinks waited for us. Michael Douglas headed there too, which was cool, and I got to chat with him a bit. Also at the party was actor Peter Riegert, who played Boon in Animal House, one of the jurors of the festival.

Now, if you’ve read my prior blogs during this festival, you may have noticed my love for The Shield. It’s my favorite television show (yes, over The Sopranos) and I will actually be missing the 90 minute season finale today, since I am in Bermuda. But, I am taping it, so all is well. A little while after seeing Michael Douglas and Peter Riegert, another jury member came my direction and started conversing with me and the group I was with. Her name was Laura Elena Harring, who plays Vic Mackey’s lawyer on The Shield, Becca Doyle.

How great was this. She is a wonderful person; we spoke of the show (which she is very hush hush about plot wise) in great detail, as far as production goes. It was a great way to end a truly great evening.

Keep an eye peeled for some more reviews and when I get back to the States, prepare yourself for some sweet pictures.

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  1. jen says:

    I was already jealous of you just for going to Bermuda, but hanging out with all those people makes it even worse. And I didn’t even get to go to SXSW.

    You must be a huge fan of The Shield if you meet Laura Harring and don’t immediately think of her in Mulholland Drive!

    Can’t wait to hear more about the fest.

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