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By Film Threat Staff | May 5, 2003

It’s cute. It’s dreamy. It’s epic. It’s computer generated. It’s “Delgo.”
If we went back in time about 20 years, “Delgo” would be the type of film featuring Muppets, Fraggles and whatever other type of furry creature with a human hand up its a*s you can name. But that was then and CG is now. This is why the fantasy world of Jason Maurer and Marc F. Adler’s “Delgo” looks like a luscious digital playground rather than a Jim Henson wet dream.
Fathom Studios brings you this fantasy adventure. They’ve been in the computer animation business for over a decade now, so you better believe that they know what they’re doing.
Currently searching for a distributor, “Delgo” should be making its way to a theater near you soon.
Check out the trailer at the film’s official website.

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