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By Doug Brunell | December 20, 2004

Imagine spending your entire life wanting to make movies. Then imagine finally grabbing life by its testicles and taking the plunge. You read every book you can find on the subject. You get the equipment and the actors all lined up, and then you begin. Your dream is coming true.

Imagine something else, however. Imagine spending your entire life wanting to make movies. Then imagine not going to film school and instead taking a job in advertising. You decide to pursue your dream anyway and read every book you can find on the subject of film. You write a full-length feature and then reason that you can shoot it in six days. You rent all your equipment … and then realize you don’t know how to use it. You have all the actors ready to go, but some of them aren’t professional, some can’t meet their obligations and two of them are your goofball friends who hit their maturity peak back in the sixth grade. Imagine realizing this crazy dream is never going to come true.

Welcome to “Failure,” the hilarious documentary about Chris Suchorsky’s dream and his inability to make it a reality.

Suchorsky is probably like a lot of directors and writers out there, only without the drive and skills. What he is good at, however, is procrastinating and playing kind of loose with the truth to get actors to do what he wants. He’s also very good at laughing at himself and turning his personal defeats into spectacular achievements. Heck, I can guarantee that “Failure” is a far better movie than the one he set out to make (which included creepy twins and guys speaking like aliens). Don’t take that as a slam against Suchorsky, though. His talent lies elsewhere in the film world, and this short documentary is proof of that.

If enough people see this and give him positive feedback, he may set out to do another movie. Here’s to hoping he has one more ”Failure” in him, though. And I mean that in the most sincere and positive way imaginable.

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