Well, isn’t this a sticky spot to be in? Here is a DVD created by over 70 children with a portion of the sales being donated to a New Jersey non-profit autism resource. To say anything negative about it makes me a jerk. Talk about making a film bullet-proof. Not even Rex Reed would dare defy it.

Fortunately, I don’t have to be negative – just honest.

This will not be everybody’s cup o’ tea. The animated shorts are drawn, written, directed and voiced by children. Therefore, you kind of have an idea of what to expect — a child’s-view of what is funny, exciting, or romantic. It only works if you understand that. And yes, the animation is crude, but no cruder than what can be found on some animated shows on television. It is made for the creators’ peers, but that’s not to say parents won’t find some laughs in this.

What is most interesting about this DVD, however, is the forum it gives these children. How often are children so deeply involved in a project like this? Rarely. I don’t know how many of these young filmmakers will continue to pursue a career in cinema, but I have a feeling it may be more than one of them. This gives them a taste of what it can be like, and that can more important than anything one could learn in a film theory class.

A good idea executed exactly as it should be. It’s no Goodfellas, but it’s no Snow Dogs, either. It’s stuff by kids for kids, but will appeal to some of the kid in us all.

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