Robert Cooper (HBO) has announced the formation of EzFlix, an Internet entertainment production studio wholly owned by Cooper’s Landscape Entertainment. By enlisting some of Hollywood’s most prestigious writers, directors and executives, EzFlix is committed to raising Internet entertainment to a new level.
“At HBO and Dreamworks, the writer’s voice was always the forefront of the process, resulting in works that resonated with audiences,” explained Cooper. “With EzFlix the same is true: our content, defined by the quality of these award-winning writers, will be unique to this medium.” A “syndicator” that not only creates but also distributes original, serialized broadband content to existing websites and portals, EzFlix will also have its own website, to serve as a directory and archive.
The company, while continuing to expand its distribution network, has entered into a deal with MP3.com, which will distribute its content to more than six million unique visitors per month; MP3.com president Robin Richards will serve on the company’s board of directors. “MP3 has a robust infrastructure for publishing and distributing content and we will avail ourselves of that,” says Cooper. “We’re concentrating on doing what we do best,” says Wachtel. “Creating content that will be both creatively and commercially rewarding.” EzFlix soon-to-be-launched site awaits.

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