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By Brad Wilke | September 15, 2009

“Eye for a Tooth” is an overly earnest (and overly long) film that presents the viewer (via the poster) with the following two questions:

1) What would you do?
2) How far could you go?

After watching the film, I have the answers:

1) Anything but watch this again.
2) 39 minutes, but only because I was obligated.

This is not a terrible short film. There is some impressive aerial photography and a lot of care was taken to make the locations look believable (especially the prison). However, the production team didn’t spend nearly enough time polishing (or flat-out rewriting) the script and the acting, unfortunately, doesn’t do anything to make it better. The team behind this would be well-suited to chalk this one up as a learning experience and quietly move on to their next project.

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