On Sunday, April 1 at 11 PM (ET), SCI FI’s signature series Exposure presents “Best of Season One,” a countdown of the top five highest-rated short films from season one as voted by Exposure viewers. Actress Terry Farrell (“Deep Space Nine,””Becker”) hosts the show as a provocative intergalactic mix of Barbarella and Felicity Shagwell as she introduces the most visionary shorts on the sci-fi scene. Farrell is also the sultry voice of “Six of Nine,” one of the sexiest animated space characters ever in Tripping The Rift™, a Star Wars spoof included in the countdown.
“Best of Season One” will also offer viewers a taste of Season Two by unveiling the network premiere of the year’s most talked about short, 405, a desktop digital film which depicts what could happen when LA’s most crowded freeway becomes an emergency runway. The following week on April 8 at 11 PM (ET), Season Two begins with “Visions of the Future”, featuring all-new episodes of master short-film works from new and discovered talent.
The “Best of Season One” countdown will include:
[ #5 – “George Lucas in Love,” ]1999, USA, Live Action
Director Joe Nussbaum’s clever and unique short film, arguably the most watched short on the web, parodies George Lucas’ early days at USC. It is Shakespeare in Love meets Star Wars in a hysterical romp filled with wall-to-wall comedic Star Wars gags.
[#4 – “All is Full of Love,” ] 1999, UK, Computer Animation/Live Action
Bjork, already established as one of the decade’s top innovators in music video, hired director Chris Cunningham for an elegant, moving description of two Bjork robots enraptured. As they are pieced and wired into existence, they sing to each other and fall in love. The video reaches its harmonious climax as the robots embrace while still being assembled by the machinery beside them.
[#3 – “Tripping The Rift,”] 1998, USA, Computer Animation
Co-creators and producers Chuck Austen and Chris Moeller present an edgy Star Wars spoof — a computer animated short in which an evil Darth Vader-like clown invades a star ship with hilarious and bawdy results. Actors Terry Farrell (space vixen “Six of Nine”) and Stephen Root lend their voices to the film.
[#2 – “Antebios,”] 1998, France, Computer Animation
French director Francois Baranger presents an amazing computer animated short film in which a UFO crash lands on a distant planet. Its sole alien survivor confronts two human astronauts on a cosmic outpost. The alien’s mission is not quite what the humans expected once they discover an even greater threat has been set loose.
[ #1 – “More,”] 1998, USA, Stop Motion Animation
Director Mark Osborne’s Academy Award-nominee for Best Animated Short, More tells the story of a lowly factory worker who dreams of being a world-famous inventor. He toils endlessly on an enormous assembly line until, one day, he invents a fabulous new product and achieves ultimate success. Only his success threatens the very child-like passion that got him there.
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