Ladies, gents and drooling super-fans of all ages…ask Mom and Pop if you can stay up a wee bit past bedtime tonight to catch “X-Men” and “Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace” star Ray Park on the X Show’s special 200th episode, which airs on the FX Channel this Thursday, May 25th at 11PM ET/PT. In case you’ve been huddled in a sensory deprivation chamber for the last year or so, or you’re just scarily out of touch, Ray Park played Darth Maul to massive critical and fan acclaim in “Episode I” and is set to appear as creepy henchman The Toad in “X-Men” this summer.
We here in the Film Threat Alliance for Ray Park (that’s F-TARP for you non-initiates) got a special on-location glimpse of Ray’s X Show spectacular. As the amiable star made his way onto the set, giddy chatter ran riot:
“I took one look at him and my shirt unbuttoned.” (a female fan) ^ “Sweet lord, I need to quit my day job and start working out.” ^ “He’s so bad-a*s, but in a nice way.”
Indeed, Ray Park would simply look like the kind of guy who might arm-wrestle you for the last Popsicle in the freezer, save for the fact that he is in impeccable physical condition and is a fiercely talented master of the martial arts. As he expertly demonstrated several of his most Darth Maul-ish moves, jaws dropped and even the most burly of cameramen scuttled for cover. One can only imagine the kind of physical finesse his Toad will have when “X-Men” hits the screens.
My boss and fan-boy extraordinaire (last name rhymes with, umm, door) caught up with Ray before he jetted off and was graciously allowed to walk away with a bevy of signed items. The star took time to introduce himself to everyone in the vicinity and to autograph all manner of photos, dolls, and commemorative oven mitts. A pair of Darth Maul underwear was even flashed, but the wearer chooses to remain anonymous….

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