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By Michael Ferraro | February 16, 2005

“I think people make documentaries about things they see.” – Russell Cagle, documentary film director of “A Theater of Death”.

“Everything is Everything” is one of those mockumentaries that might cater to those four or five people out there that actually find Jeff Foxworthy or Larry the Cable Guy funny. Many of its attempts at humor last too long or just simply fail all together in creating laughter. The film follows three Baton Rouge citizens and each has delusions of grandeur. It tries to paint the characters as idiots yet, ignorance and stupidity really isn’t that funny, especially when it is seen too much now in the real world.

Using “Jaws 4: The Revenge” as inspiration, Russell Cagle is striving to make quite possibly the worst documentary ever about Abraham Lincoln (filmed using a stolen security camera from a burnt-down prison). This proves to be problematic since he knows nothing of either filmmaking or Abe Lincoln. Another, named Justin Justice, claims himself a superhero and strives to clean up Baton Rouge and prepare for the day when he is needed by George Bush. The last is a patriotic singer trying to replace the national anthem with his own song. Surely he has neither talent nor skill but take a look at most pop music nowadays. Is talent and skill an issue? I think not Hillary Duff.

While a lot of the film gets repetitive and annoying, there are some elements that are pretty funny. The best moment of the film is the tour of the superhero lair. The sheer lunacy of the Justice’s explanation of each room and the quick editing used make it the funniest scene of the film, and one of the few that doesn’t out stay its welcome. The rest of the film however, may be best viewed under the influence of a six-pack of Natural Ice.

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