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By Doug Brunell | July 2, 2003

I hope that everybody reading this review has a chance to see this gem of a film because it is one of those movies that takes people by surprise and gets them excited about what can be accomplished in this medium. It’s also the kind of movie that should be winning awards at every turn.
Filmed in India, “Everybody Says I’m Fine!” centers on Xen (the incredible Rehaan Engineer), a hairstylist who developed the ability to read people’s minds after witnessing a horrible accident that killed his parents. He has kept himself from going insane by tuning his skills to such a level that he only “hears” thoughts when he is cutting a person’s hair. When Niki (the impossibly beautiful Koel Purie) visits his salon and gets a pixie-like cut, Xen is stunned when he can’t pick up a single one of her thoughts. Is it because she’s vapid, or is there something else going on?
Even the most learned moviegoer won’t see where this story is going, and that’s part of its charm. The characters have a depth to them that is rarely seen these days, and the actors portraying them made me wonder why we don’t see more Indian actors in American films. This cast can act circles around our current hot stars, and the camera really seems to adore them.
When Film Threat asks for our next list of best movies, this is going to be right near the top of my roster. If it can get a theatrical release in America, I can almost guarantee it will make its way onto other critics’ list, as well. Yes, it’s that good.

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