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By Rory L. Aronsky | November 23, 2005

Jack Bauer never had a bad day. The Bride merely had a few flesh and psychological wounds. And at least Odysseus managed to make it home. Trying to differ with these thoughts are easy, but try it again after watching this hapless sonofabitch (Jeremy Corray) become a magnet for drunk drivers. Your worst day does not compare to this guy getting hit every 30 seconds by a drunk driver, no matter where he is, no matter how far he is from any possible car finding him. Every 30 seconds and BAM! A timer on the bottom right of the screen counts down until he gets hit again, and in the meantime, people are either helping him or trying to push him out of the way, such as the redneck who tries to do that, saying that he doesn’t have any insurance. After all this, I wonder how in the hell someone is sick enough in the head to create this, and where I can be so wrongly and hilariously influenced. Jeremy Corray is that sick man and even though drunk driving is wrong on so many levels, Corray makes it hilarious when he gets up again and again even after being badly bloodied. In 1928, Buster Keaton had a house fall on top of him, though he came through unscathed, standing right where an empty window frame fell. Consider Corray as the complete antithesis to Keaton, silently suffering, never able to speak complete words because of the huge beatings dished out on him.

Movies can also be therapy and believe me, Corray’s work is most definitely that. It’s laughter and relief.

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