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By Phil Hall | April 28, 2002

This writer never stated our fate if we did not comply with his orders. Not to worry…we are heavily insured. Next up: ^ “Just read your review and I must say that it has to be one of the most ill-informed, worst researched piece of rubbish I have ever read during my time on this planet.” ^ We should assume that there are better-qualified film critics on the other planets where this individual lived, yes? And then:
“Visit any of the websites you find on a search engine that list itself as a Guild in Everquest. Visit my Guild’s website and read some of the posts. We have fun, we are a family, and enjoy each others company online and off.”
What kind of a family: the Bradys or the Mansons? Elsewhere in the e-mail in-box is: ^ “I have been playing for 2 years, and I am about halfway through my first game.”
And then: ^ “I found your article on Everquest tastless and one sided. I am a freshman at the University of New Hampshire in the pre-vet program. I row crew. I am a hall council member. I live an active life. I also play Everquest. I find it an enjoyable way to relax after a hard day.”
It would seem elementary spelling is not part of the requirement for admission to the University of New Hampshire….tastless??? It is somewhat distressing to realize that this poor soul experiences a “hard day” after rowing crew and sitting around with his fellow hall council members. College life can be tough, we know. Moving on… ^ “You guys are so incredibly ignorant. Also, do you realize that interviewing three people of the Everquest World is not nearly enough to go by?”
Well, we did not make the movie…we just reviewed it. But our favorite e-mail is this simple two-word comment: ^ “Hmmmm…..rude!!!!!!!”
And as for the founder of our feast, the talent Nathan Bramble, we have this cheery reaction to the news of our pan mail: ^ “Wow, that’s kind of funny. This is a community that exists on the Web, so anything that goes on involving them anywhere on the Internet is picked up very quickly I guess. In the first week of having my film up on my site tens of thousands of people had already watched it and my site traffic went through the roof. Curious that you’ve been getting negative feedback though., I’ve received hundreds of emails from players in response to my film, all mostly positive. Maybe it was the S&M crack…made me laugh though ;)”
Well, Nathan, if we made one person laugh, then we did our good deed for the day!
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