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By Phil Hall | May 5, 2002

Who in their wildest and wettest dreams could have ever imagined that a review of a 16-minute documentary about an Internet computer game would raise such a hue and cry? Here at Film Threat, we’ve devoted countless space in roasting and toasting the monsters of the film world without nary a protest from anyone… but a few less-than-felicitous comments in my recent review for Nathan Bramble’s EverQuest Players LFG and the original feature entitled EverQuest Players Strike Back tripled our web traffic and flooded our in-box with complaints.
And the complaints are still coming in. However, some fan mail is also seeping in with the pan mail. Here are some of the more recent remarks we’ve fielded…
Read more piss-your-pants funny remarks sent to us by angry Everquest aficionados in part two of EVERQUEST PLAYERS EPISODE II: ATTACK OF THE CLOWNS>>>

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