However, not all of the feedback has been negative. Consider these jolly remarks: ^ I’ve played EQ on and off for over 2 years now, and personally found the original essay hilarious. The Strike Back is almost as funny! Whatever touches a nerve and points out the fundamental absurdity of any “serious” activity is just okay with me. And as the first girl that ever gave it up for moi (bless you Debbie) said: “Joke ’em if they can’t take a f**k.”
Wow, that Debbie must have been quite a babe! And then we have: ^ “LOL, that’s the best critique on EQ players ever, and let me tell you you guys are damn right! I’ve played EQ for 3 years but I’ve never been an addict, I can play it for a couple of hour at the most but not everyday non stop. Sure it has its fun but people in that game become more concerned on what’s going on there than in their lives. They worry and protect the other players as if they knew them personally and they believe that they should do their best there. What they don’t seem to know is that its a virtual environment, and that everything they do is gonna disappear eventually. The game is fun, but I never take it seriously and it just makes me sad how serious take this game. Worse part is that there’s just very few people that think like me and would protect their game from any critic.”
And then we have this upward thumb: ^ This is in regards to the review of the “EverQuest Players LFG” and the outrageously, ridiculous negative comments that came your way via individuals addicted to EverCrack. My husband and I finally started to play the game that our friends had been harassing us to start. I’m impressed by the graphics and the gameplay, but there is no way I would devote more than a few hours on the weekend to this game. That’s just me personally. Our friends, however, want us to all come over and spend an entire birthday weekend for one of them playing EQ. How boring! I can do that in the privacy of my own home if I so desire, but I would prefer to go out, see the sun, quietly swing in a hammock or socialize with people who don’t spend their entire life stuck in front of a computer monitor. I do that enough at work. I’m not knocking anyone who just HAS to play it. That’s their decision, but they shouldn’t knock you for your review. Your review is just that, your opinion of the documentary. If they didn’t like it, then they could have stopped reading it. We have made some friends online in the game, but we don’t contact them outside of EverQuest. I find no need for you to apologize for your opinion and can’t believe people would be demanding it. Good luck to you and your site. Kudos on the review. I think it was very interesting.
This retails clerk used our piece as an opportunity to vent: ^ Unfortunately, I work in a retail software store and have to deal with a variety of geeks every day. The rudest, most unreasonable geeks are the rpg’ers. (Role Playing Games, sorry) These people have no understanding or empathy with others, and no idea on how the real world works. “UPS lost the box of Dark Ages, sorry.” “What am I going to do now?! My fiance has a copy and I don’t! What am I going to do?” This lame f****r actually complained to my boss, because I couldn’t magically produce games from my a*s. I guess UPS doesn’t f**k up in neverland. And you should hear the cries and whines when a release date is delayed. Christ, these f*****g games are delayed at least five time before they are released, and these morons are dismayed and surprised every time. These a******s can probably watch the same movies many times over because they don’t expect the same ending twice. “Rocky and Apollo is a draw?! AGAIN! Damn…” Oh, and these little bastards are touchy. They won’t say much in person, but over a phone or net, they are feisty. And finally, most of them are fugly. Really. I have seen one good looking girl who plays these things, but she got married and gained some weight. Now she fits right in.
Awwwwwwwwww! That is great, yes? And finally, this wonderfully succinct praise: ^ As a former EverQuester I found your review completely inoffensive. Keep up the good work.
Thank you! And thanks to everyone on both sides of the debate for sharing their opinions!
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