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By Mariko McDonald | March 31, 2004

About The Den of Sin Series:

Every Tuesday night my boyfriend and I host a movie night at our apartment. This night has come to be known as “The Den of Sin Series” based both on our nickname for our place (not being married, we “live in sin”) and the type of cinema generally on display. Although it started out rather casually as an excuse for my boyfriend and I to finally watch all those “important” movies we’ve been putting off seeing, things have gotten considerably more involved and it now serves as more an experiment in programming and event planning with schedules made a month in advance and weekly reminder e-mails about the week’s program. We have a few rules about programming: nothing over two hours so that we can fit two films in and still get me to bed in time to wake up for my day job, no current “mainstream movies” when we can help it (we figure our friends can watch those on their own time) and double bills should have a theme when possible. Things we’ve learned up to this point: the older the movie, the less people will pay attention, serious movies do better with fewer people, and people like Satan (our highest attendance was for a double bill of “The Devil Rides Out” and “Flavia the Heretic”).

The story continues in part two of ENTER THE DEN OF SIN: OF BUNTA AND BRUCE>>>


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