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By Admin | April 8, 2004

We decided to take an extended break before starting on “Dr. Butcher,” which turned out to be the perfect antidote to “Cannibal Holocaust” (big thanks to Sinister Sam for his suggestion and the stills included with this article). Filmed on the same island with much of the same cast and crew (notably minus Lucio Fulci) as “Zombie,” “Dr. Butcher” is sort of a “greatest hits” horror movie including three of the staples of Eurotrash horror: zombies, mad doctors and cannibals. All it needed was a vampire (preferably lesbian) and a Satanist to round everything out. I would try to rehash the plot for you, but I don’t think any of us were able to follow it. In fact, a number of people almost had mental breakdowns as the logic collapsed again and again. Basically all you need to know is that it is poorly lit, hilariously overdubbed and includes some of the most amazing folly work I’ve ever heard (and by amazing, I mean loud and fake). Of particular amusement was the dummy that falls out of a window and loses an arm upon hitting the ground, the Chinese “natives” who apparently worked for booze (it shows), the lead actress who seemed to get naked for any reason and the zombie henchmen. That’s right, I said zombie henchmen.

If nothing else, “Dr. Butcher M.D.” with all of its ineptitude makes one appreciate the effort that went into “Cannibal Holocaust.” We had to explain to some of the peanut gallery that the people making these movies all thought that they were making “great” movies, which was especially surprising in these days of deliberate camp and horror comedies.

Rumblings from the Peanut Gallery:

Considering that most of the people present had already witnessed “Cannibal Holocaust,” my boyfriend and I felt like first class p*****s, but I still vaulted over the sofa to attend to our guest’s hot water as soon as I saw them haul that turtle out of the water. Someone commented that our reaction to “Cannibal Holocaust” must be similar to the way that older people react to something like “Pulp Fiction,” which brings up some interesting points about the jaded nature of our generation, which I would comment on if I subscribed to such things. My boyfriend is still marveling at the desperate levels of quality between “Zombie” and “Dr. Butcher M.D.” considering so many of the same people were involved, but I figure they just had more time to drink between making them. However, I think our pal Graeme described it best when he exclaimed, “Best holocaust movie night ever! Two holocaust movies without any actual Holocaust”. I’m pretty sure we’re going to hell for that one.

Next week, a true test: “Myra Brekenridge” and “Putney Swope”. I’d better start baking…

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