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By Film Threat Staff | January 24, 2001

Last year’s Arizona State University Art Museum 5th Annual Short Film and Video Festival gathered about 362 entries and attracted an astounding 1,183 attendees, which is no small feat for a college-based film event. This year, the Festival looks to break their shining submission record by giving you plenty of time to send in your short films and videos. The official deadline for all entries falls on [ February 16th, 2001 ] , and the Festival itself will go down on [ April 14th, 2001 ] .
Here’s the sweet part: The Arizona State Film Festival is also free for anyone who wishes to attend and, most importantly, FREE to submit to. They’re also particularly fond of student films, and not-so fond of messy entry forms (a big plus), so head over to the [ Festival site ] for the easy guidelines, some Fest history, and more.

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