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By Eric Campos | February 11, 2002

Forget Doc Brown’s crappy time machine, a wheelchair bound genius (inspired by Stephen Hawking) has figured out that E actually equals mc3 instead of mc2. Also, it’s been discovered that the universe will implode and time will begin to run backwards. Prepared for this implosion, Zeno is equipped with a little device to allow him to physically travel forward against the backtracking time, as everyone else is moving backwards, until he meets up with Einstein and tells him that his little calculation is bullshit and that E=mc3 is not only correct, but that this discovery will also keep the travesties of the 20th century from occurring.
That’s great! That means Zeno can prevent “The Phantom Menace” and its idiot brothers from ever happening! Sounds good, huh?
Well, nothing so grand happens in this short, but we do get to watch Zeno travel through backwards time until he’s able to school Einstein on how things really are. Well produced with intricate sets and costumes.

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