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By Film Threat Staff | August 6, 2003

From August 7 – 27, the American Cinematheque will be presenting their 4th ANNUAL FESTIVAL OF INTERNATIONAL FANTASY, HORROR AND SCIENCE FICTION FILMS at the Egyptian Theatre, a 13 day festival featuring 29 feature films and 21 short films from the United States, Czechoslovakia, Japan, the United Kingdom, Belgium and Denmark.
Highlights of the festival include a 50th Anniversary cast and crew reunion screening of “THE WAR OF THE WORLDS”; a Czech Fantasy, Horror and Suspense Showcase; a mini-tribute to acclaimed producer/director George Pal (“WHEN WORLDS COLLIDE,” “THE TIME MACHINE”); a sneak preview of Eli Roth’s CABIN FEVER; a new 35 mm. print of THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE; a special 70th Anniversary screening of “KING KONG,”; a 25th Anniversary cast and crew reunion screening of “BATTLESTAR GALACTICA (THE MOVIE)”; a hilarious collection of new and classic cartoon shorts, “The Animation Show” organized by “Beavis & Butthead’s” Mike Judge and animator Don Hertzfeldt; and director Harry Kümel’s rarely-seen, dreamlike “MALPERTUIS: HISTORY OF A CURSED HOUSE,” with Orson Welles.
L.A. Premieres include: Stuart Gordon’s (“RE-ANIMATOR”) “KING OF THE ANTS,” Lars Von Trier’s “EPIDEMIC,” plus “LOVE OBJECT” (produced by Ed Pressman) and “ALIVE” (Japan). US Premieres include: “GODZILLA VS. MEGAGUIRUS” and “GODZILLA, MOTHRA & KING GHIDORAH.”
For more info, visit the American Cinematheque website.

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