All filmmakers have a first effort under their belt, be it a scratchy Super 8 short from the teen years or a film school project gathering dust in the closet. When you get famous, people want to see anything and everything your talented hands have touched, which is why George Lucas’ student film piece “The Electronic Labrynth” is one of the highlighted selections for QuickBand Network’s latest short compilation, “Short 10: Chaos”.
Also on the DVD is 2000’s most critically-acclaimed short film, “Five Feet High and Rising” by Peter Sollett, which has garnered awards from Sundance and Cannes. The compilation includes special bonus features as well: interviews with Lucas and Francis Ford Coppola on the history of THX, words from the star of hit short “George Lucas in Love” on playing a youthful Lucas, and even one of George’s film school professor dishing on his former student. Extra perks for “Five Feet” include added scenes and an exclusive companion film.
The compilation is due out in early November, but you can find new and noteworthy shorts and industry news at [ the QuickBand Network website. ]

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