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By Eric Campos | June 2, 2004

Just as we suspected – happily ever after is bullshit. This we learn as some of the fairest in the land huddle together in group therapy. Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Goldilocks, Alice, Dorothy and Red Riding Hood all take turns complaining about their miseries ever after. Joining us in this breaking news is a new member of the group, a newly divorced single woman from Jersey, who learns that women in fairy tale worlds still have plenty of problems and even need to make frequent visits to that Magic Castle some of us like to call – the Pharmacy.

What a great idea for a short and such beautiful production design, too. All the better better to spend eight minutes with. Along with the obvious charm of watching some of the most recognized fairy tale characters of all time air their dirty laundry, viewers will also get a kick out of the familiar faces playing these parts. We have Jim Belushi as the therapist, Alexis Bledel (“Tuck Everlasting”) as Goldilocks, Sarah Wynter (“24”) as Sleeping Beauty, Laura Kightlinger (“Will & Grace”) as Cinderella, Shiva Rose (“The First 20 Million”) as Snow White, Jaime Bergman (“Son of the Beach”) as Alice, Jill Small (“Grace”) as Dorothy, K.D. Aubert (“Friday After Next”) as Red Riding Hood and Amy Dietz (“Caroline in the City”) as the divorcee.

“Dysenchanted” is like the short and sweet reality TV version of all of our favorite fairy tales.

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