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By Film Threat Staff | February 28, 2002

The digital revolution gets another boost with the announcement of the Digital Visions Film Festival. Scheduled for August 24th & 25th in Chicago, the Digital Visions Festival promises to deliver truly fresh independent films that will showcase aspiring Hollywood filmmakers. Unlike film festivals around the world that combine film and digital movies, this festival will be exclusively digital. Organizers have already begun accepting entries into the festival and estimate to receive close to four hundred by the festival deadline, June 29th.
“The future of movie making is digital. With the introduction of HD (High Definition) cameras and the extensive line of non-linear editing software, the digital filmmaker has a legitimate chance at competing with larger production companies,” says Dan Graczyk, festival coordinator.
Festival organizers also believe that independent films have lost their original intent due to multi-million dollar backing from production companies, despite being classified as independent. In order to redefine some of that meaning, the festival has set budget limitations on amounts realistic for the filmmaker and the type of project being made.
“Independent filmmakers can spend years trying to complete one project typically because of limited funding,” says Paul Kanalas, festival founder and director. “Digital video allows filmmakers to focus more on the aesthetics of the film itself, not trying raise money. Making a digital feature film for under $60,000, or a short for under $30,000, is very feasible for an independent filmmaker to complete a project without studio or production company financing”
The Digital Visions Film Festival was launched after Paul Kanalas and Dan Graczyk attended several festivals across the United States and noticed very little exhibition of any digital format. They met numerous filmmakers with completed digital projects who were shut out simply because they chose digital media. The goal of the Digital Visions Film Festival is to provide an outlet for well tuned stories being told by truly gifted writers and directors without big Hollywood budgets.
Get more info by calling 847-358-4105 or visit the official Digital Visions Film Festival web site.
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